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"Cindy, my best to your husband who did a great many small jobs that together, made a huge difference to me!!!"
- Susan T.L.
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As a child, Cindy's favorite chore was to reorganize the kitchen pantry. As a high school student, Cindy showed fellow students how to take notes in an organized manner, and helped them color-code their binders. As an adult Cindy became a special education teacher, but realized after a number of years that her favorite part of teaching occurred after the last bell rang. This was the time when her colleagues would come to her for help... help reorganizing their classrooms to accomodate the brand new computers they had just received as well as help organizing the student files on the computers.

Cindy soon realized that her passion was helping others with their organizational needs. It was at this point when her career took a turn from formal classroom teaching to becoming a professional organizer.

Cindy holds a B.A. in Psychology, with a second major of Early Childhood and Elementary Education and a M.Ed. in Special Education. Cindy has also earned a Certificate of Study for Chronic Disorganization from the National Study Group of Chronic Disorganization (now known as the Institute for Challenging Disorganization), and volunteers as the Website Coordinator for the National Association of Professional Organizers - Greater Philadelphia Chapter.


John grew up taking things apart and tinkering with tools. His Mother always said that he was "born with spaghetti fingers, and will be very handy." Indeed, she was correct. As an adult, John has acquired a great number of skills which include carpentry, mechanics, electrical, and plumbing.

Today, John's primary career is a high school mathematics teacher. However, when an Organizing Team project requires his carpentry or mechanical skills, he is there to create, fix, modify, or install whatever is needed. In the event that a job requires more time than John can give, The Organizing Team will help the client find another source who can complete the task.

John holds a B.S. in Mathematics, and a M.Ed. in Mathematics Education.

How Cindy and John Met

John and Cindy met at the Philadelphia Juggler's Club. It was 1991, and they both had a mutual juggler friend who thought they would enjoy each other's company. Five years later they were married, and in addition to teaching they started performing together as "Spin Control." Their shows included unicycling, balls, clubs, rings, lariat, hat tricks, club passing, and torch juggling.

They stopped performing professionally in 1999, when their first child was born. Now, as a family, they juggle a teaching position, an organizing business, a household, and two children.

John and Cindy Pull out the Props to Perform at their Son's Cub Scout Banquet

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