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Below is a list of useful resources to help you get organized:
  1. Medication / Recycling / Hazardous Material Collection
  2. Charities to Donate Household Goods, Clothing, and Computers
  3. For Sale or Give Away
  4. Shredding Resources
  5. Favorite Products
  6. Recommended Services
  7. End Telemarketing Phone Calls
  8. Junk Mail Reduction
  9. Energy Audits
  10. Laundry Care
1. Medication and Household Recycling / Hazardous Waste Collection Top

Medication Disposal: Medicine Drop boxes are located at the following police departments: Darby Township, Haverford, Marple, Radnor, Ridley Township, Springfield, Tinicum, Upper Chichester and Upper Darby.

Permanent Electronic Waste Collection Dumpsters: Marple Township Public Works Facility, 446 Marpit Road, Broomall PA.

Links to Local Collection Dates and Information:
Chester County (610) 344-5937

Delaware County (610) 892-9627

Montgomery County (610) 278-3618

Philadelphia (215) 686-5560 keeps a database of electronic recyclers and reuse organizations.

2. Charities to Donate Household Goods, Clothing, and Computers Top

Impact Thrift (215) 957-6131 x3105 or x31104
  • Impact Thrift Stores is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose primary mission is to financially support local charities through the net proceeds generated by our thrift store operations.
  • Impact Thrift will repurpose your donated gently-used furniture, clothing, and household items that you no longer need and put them back into service.

    Career Wardrobe (215) 568-6693
  • The Career Wardrobe accepts nicer women's clothing, shoes and uniforms to provide interview/work clothes to women transitioning into the work force.
  • Drop-off centers are located in Center City, East Fall, Haverford, and Jenkintown.

    MenzFit (215) 922-1614
  • MenzFit's mission is to ensure long–term gainful employment and financial fitness to low–income men who have little formal education.
  • This is achieved by providing professional interview clothing, career development and financial literacy services.
  • MenzFit accepts (by appointment) men's suits, ties, sport coats, dress pants, belts, shirts, cuff links, and socks (new only).

    Nonprofit Technology Resources (215)564-6686
  • NTR serves low-income people in Philadelphia by recycling used computers, providing hands-on work experience, and assisting community-based service organizations to use computers in their work.
  • NTR's computer refurbishing "factory" serves as a training ground for people to grow their computer skills.
  • NTR's Computer Thrift Store serves the whole community with affordable, dependable computers.
  • Center City drop-off location, or NTR will pick up 10 or more Pentium IV's or 5 or more Pentium V's

    Purple Heart (877) 851-8111 (MD, VA, DE) (800) 338-1448 (PA, NJ, CT, NY)
  • Purple Heart raises funds through the collection of donated clothing and household items to support American veterans.

    Arthritis Foundation Eastern Pennsylvania (215) 574-3060
    Please consider this charity for financial donations
  • Kids get Arthritis, too! We learned this fact when a family member's Arthritis was diagnosed at the age of six.
  • For those who are considering financial donations for a good cause, please consider supporting this charity.
  • Besides funding research to find a cure, AFEP runs numerous programs for children who live with Arthritis and their families.
  • Programs Include Camp JRA (a one week sleep-away camp just for kids with Arthritis), Family Education Days, Youth Ambassadors for Arthritis Program, Holiday Parties, Newly Diagnosed Family Packets, Advocacy for Children & Families, and Informative Brochures, Books & Resources.

  • 3. For Sale or Give Away Top

    Free Online Classified Ads: Craigslist

    Join a free network of neighbors who give items away for others to use: Freecycle
  • The Freecycle Network™ is made up of neighborhood groups of people who are giving and receiving stuff for free from other group members. Their mission is to reuse and keep good items out of landfills.
  • 4. Shredding Resources Top

    Links to Listings of Local Shredding Event Locations/Information

    CBS Philly Listings

    Shredone Listings

    Titan Mobile Shredding Listings

    Montgomery County Shredding Events

    Shredding Companies
  • (610) 692-8327
  • (484) 323-2103

  • 5. Favorite Products Top

    Undo (888) 929-9301
    Undu removes stickers, tapes, labels and adhesives on contact without harming the surface, and you can re-use the sticker. Undu is safe for photographs.

    Smead Viewables: Hanging File Folder Tabs
  • Smead Viewable file folder tabs lets you open your file drawer, glance down, and clearly read the names from above.

    Pendaflex Hanging Folders
  • Generic hanging file folders often bend, tear, and slide with difficulty. A good quality file folder is worth the investment.

    Schoolfolio: Storage of Children's Art (800) 288-4195
  • Acid-free and UV-resistant storage
  • Holds 24" x 18" paper with 3.5" capacity, perfect for your child's elementary school art projects.

  • 6. Recommended Services Top

    Call in an E-mail Message: Jott Assistant, Jott Voicemail
  • Call a number, and your voice message will be converted into text and sent to you via e-mail or text message.

    Convert Photos, Slide, Negatives, Movies and VCR tapes: Save My Pix (484) 234-0656 Customer #190022
  • Economical, professional digital transfers save your precious memories for easy viewing, always!

  • 7. Junk Mail Reduction Top
    The following tips help reduce the amount of junk mail received (both postal and e-mail):

    Eliminate Credit Card and Insurance Offers: Optoutprescreen (888) 567-8688
  • Optoutprescreen takes your name off the major credit bureaus' mailing lists.
  • If a link to should arrive in an email addressed to you, don't click it. Always type in the address ( yourself. Don't forget the 's' in the URL because that ensures the encryption of your data when you submit the form.

    Do Not Share Information: Be selective about giving out your private information.
  • When opening a new credit card, making a purchase online, or ordering by catalog, call or write the company to let them know that you do not want your private information shared.

  • When joining or registering for anything, look for an "Opt Out" box to click or check. If you do not see an "Opt Out" box, usually you can read the Private Policy of the company for directions on how to Opt Out.

  • Before you sign up for mailing lists, newsletters and such, be mindful that this information can be shared. Perhaps you can find the information by visiting a website, instead of having the information mailed to you.

  • Warranty Cards: Marketers use this information to put you on specific mailing lists according to your interests. Often, you do not need to fill out the warranty card to activate the warranty. You just need to save your sales receipt.

  • Infant/Children's Car Seats: It is a good idea to always fill out the warranty cards for infant/child carseats. In the event of a recall, the recall information will be sent directly to your home.

  • Donate to Charity anonymously:

    Get Off Mailing Lists for Free: Contact the following groups to remove your information:
  • The Federal Trade Commission www.
  • The Direct Marketing Association (DMA)
  • Valpak Coupons
  • Catalogs
  • Call each catalog company individually and tell them not to share your name with other companies. This is a time consuming task but it helps.

    Pay for a Junk Mail Removal Service to remove your information from the marketing lists

  • 8. End Telemarketing Phone Calls (888)382-1222 Top
  • Registering your phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry gives you a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls at home or not.
  • Telephone numbers placed on the National Do Not Call Registry will remain on it permanently due to the Do-Not-Call Improvement Act of 2007.

  • 9. Energy Audits Top

    MaGrann Associates (856)722-9799
    Contact Steve Clark, PhD
  • Learn how to increase your efficiency of your home.
  • Lower utility bills by using less energy.
  • Feel more comfortable in your home by fixing the air leaks.
  • Increase the safety of your home by testing for gas leaks.

  • 10. Laundry Care (888)382-1222 Top

    Stain Removal: Martha has a detailed article about various types of stains:

    Stain Removal: Textile Industry Affairs also has stain removal information:

    Laundry Codes: For Laundry Codes printed on labels, the following website explains them all:

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