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Delaware County News Network, September 26, 2011.

On Aug. 8, members of the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO-GPC) appeared on an episode of A&E's TV show Hoarders.

NAPO-GPC members located in the vicinity of the featured hoarder, Becky, were sent a request to help by Dorothy Breininger, a featured organizing expert on the show. Filming took place at a storage facility in Kennett Square, on May 23 and May 24. Becky's goal was to empty out 16 storage units, which were not paid for, that were filled to their capacities.

Members who volunteered their efforts to help Becky included Cook and Professional Organizers Courtenay Day Becker of Schwenksville, Jen Bowen of Oxford, Cindy Eddy of Havertown, Donna Jumper of Springfield, and Kathy Schlegel of Millersville. By the end of the filming, the client went from 16 storage units down to four.

Not all professional organizing clients are hoarders, or chronically disorganized. Many clients just need help straightening up one room, preparing for a move, or finding a system to make their home or office more efficient...

News of Delaware County, Sept. 5, 2007. "Ready, Set, Organize," by Elena Perri.

The school supplies have been purchased. The backpacks are filled. Excitement is in the air as students begin their new school year.

While this is an exciting time of year for students, there's an inevitable test that awaits their parents: managing the flood of school fliers and piles of paperwork and art projects...

...In addition to managing paperwork, Cindy Eddy, a professional organizer from Havertown, says that setting up a designated homework space for children is important.

Wherever the child does their homework, whether it's the dining room table or their bedroom, parents need to make sure their children have good lighting and a comfortable chair," she says. "The kids should have everything they need to do their homework."

Eddy, a former special education teacher who has two school-age children, had planned for her son Zachary to do his homework at a desk in his bedroom, but "that didn't work because he ended up wanting to do it in the kitchen. I found spots in the kitchen to store all the stuff he would need for him homework, and that works out really well."

She also suggests...

Bucks County Courier Times, Sept. 4, 2004. "The well-organized kid," by Gwen Shrift.

Organize kids' games where they use them, rather than arbitrarily keeping everything in the child's room, advises Upper Darby organizer Cindy Eddy. She had clients who stored games away from the console, then yelled at their kids for hauling stuff around the house. "It took a while for me to show the client the need for that particular game storage in the room where they were playing it, she said.

Parents also should look through their child's eyes before re-organizing that kid's room, she says. "You have to ask the children how they like to use their room. Then, once you get that information, you can work accordingly. If the child likes to be near the window [while doing homework], put the desk near the window. Don't go in and organize for how you think it should be done...

Survival Tips for Women with AD/HD, Beyond Piles, Palm & Post-its, by Terry Matlen, M.S.W. Specialty Press, Inc., 2005.

Tip: Use your Palm Pilot to do scrapbooks and journaling.

Did your child say or do something funny that you always want to remember? Set up a memo in your Palm Pilot with your child's name and keep a running note of all of those funny statements and stories. Every once in a while, you can print the note and add it to a scrapbook or photo album...

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